About Us

Crystal Media is an upcoming entertaining multimedia production studio based in Kottarakara, Kollam. Even though Crystal Media mainly focuses in live event coverage & Broadcasting through internet, they are running a broadcasting channel in tie up with Global Vision Channel. As a result, you can find Crystal Media to be a full time entertainment channel as well as the perfect Streaming partner.

Crystal Media is streaming all their events using latest technologies and advanced equipments so that there is no compromise in the quality of work. We offer a non buffered solution for streaming live video and audio content for both mobile and desktop based platforms. We provide best online delivery of video through latest CDN (Content Delivery Network) technologies that helps to telecast and watch live streaming content from any part of the world without any lag.

Crystal Media is a brand new promise when it comes to innovation with visual sense. Crystal Media is specialized in Event Videography, Video Editing, Live Streaming, Multi Camera Live Events Shoot, Ad Film Production and so on.

The Bird's Eye View

Don’t miss the special details of your big day with our bird’s eye view photographs taken at different perspectives by our camera motion experts. We deliver them as an unforgettable experience captured with utmost perfection using cutting edge digital technologies at affordable prices.

4k video

We capture your precious moments at perfect timings without compromising your comfort, and transfer them into a portfolio of memories, to cherish for a life time. Each video is edited by our creative and passionate team, who put phenomenal effort to surpass your expectations.

Live Streaming

Now distance is not an obstacle when it comes to attending any event, whether it is a family function, or a public event. With our live streaming videos, you can witness any occasion virtually from any part of the world. All you need is a digital electronic device and a working internet connection.